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Earl Gray
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Show Part III

Best in Show

Earl the Squirrel's Rule #62
1. Imagine some words that bear repeating.

2. Get 4+% of anglophones to enjoy them.

    The second part is rather easy.  Mediocre songwriters do it every day.  If you have the right verses you or someone else will accord them suitable performance and presentation values.  Through outlets like YouTube, progressive media and radio or television programmers looking for something different, a good promoter can often help your piece on its road to going global. 

    You don't even have to write the poem.  You need only imagine it.  An outline would suffice.  With that, you could get any competent co-author to compose the actual verse.  Granted, there are only a few dozen poets that I, personally, would entrust with the task, but they are easily located.  

    Nevertheless, #1 is, by far, the harder task.  Can you create text that people might actually want to hear spoken rather than sung?  More than once?

    Let me put this in perspective:  If you are able to create and effectively disseminate words worth revisiting you will have ended a 50-year drought, one that is unprecedented in any culture in human history.  It would be much more than winning a mere dog show;  it would be like reinventing the show, if not the dog.  Put another way, it would make you the most significant poetry figure since Shakespeare.

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