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Earl Gray
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An Experiment

     We all know that people will read anything--jokes, advice, platitudes, aphorisms, anecdotes, anything--if it's printed on a picture and posted to Facebook.  They won't necessarily believe it but they will read it.

     Would this work for poetry?

     How about putting this to the test?  Let's post two poems by the same author to our Facebook pages, one simple text and the other on a photograph.  Any two poems will do.  If you'd like to use those below please feel free to do so (the author has given consent for this experiment).  To participate, post the text...

Looking for Lorca

When Andalusian dogs don't bark
Granada nights are calm, like this.
No Cante Jondo violins
call gypsy spirits. Caught in flight,
no butterfly denies its mark.
There are no New York trains to miss.
Havana lingers. Franco wins
no prize beyond
this candle light.

Let five years pass before we speak
of nightingales among these birds.
You sang as if to mourn the sun
that sank at five this afternoon.
No lovers stray, no blood can leak
from sutured scars or silphion words,
but here, between the things undone,
I like to think
I found your moon.

     ...and then, in another Facebook post, post the image file or a URL to it.



     Please let us know how it goes.

Thank you for participating,


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