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Earl Gray
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Great time to be a poet?

     In a thread entitled "Great time to be a poet?" one of our favorite humans, Dr. James Wilk, answered at length: 

    "Well, in terms of the availability to disseminate one's work, there has never been a time with more venues for publication, thanks to the internet and the proliferation of on-line journals and so forth.

     "In terms of the availability of low-residency MFA programs to matriculate into or the ability to communicate with and workshop with fellow poets, there have never been more opportunities.

     "But with the rise of MFA programs and the increasing number of working poets in and out of academia, the competition for book contracts, grants & awards, placement in the top journals and bookings to read one's work has never been fiercer.

     "It's just as tough as ever to get a full-length manuscript published or to win major prizes or to appear in the top journals."

     Another replied more succinctly and provocatively:

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