Earl Gray

Earl Gray
"You can argue with me but, in the end, you'll have to face that fact that you're arguing with a squirrel." - Earl Gray

Friday, May 24, 2013

Could poetry replace television?

    Yes, I know;  you don't like contemporary poetry performances.  Hell, I'm not sure anyone does.  Give this one a try, though.  Trust me.  Hey, have I ever lied to you?

    And, yes, I suppose I could quibble about the initial pace and tone being elevated.  Better to start both lower and build up, right?  Well, this time I think the over-the-top histrionics are entirely appropriate. 

    I'd like to thank my elaborate network of spies for bringing this to my attention so quickly.

    One has to wonder:  if all poetry were as entertaining as this why would we need cable TV?

Steve Currie:  Worst Date

    The scene was the King's Head Pub at the regional slam semifinals on the evening of May 24th, 2013.  Our hero, Steve Currie, had gone first and was the victim of some serious score creep*.  He would need a nearly impossible score to make it into the top four and qualify for the final. 

    The rest, as you can see, is history.

"Score creep" = Slams are scored by audience volunteers.  As the event proceeds the scores they give invariably rise, creating what is called "score creep".  To compensate for this, organizers reverse the order of appearances in the second half.  As Bob Dylan would say, "the first one now will later be last".  Such was the case for Steve, who capped the evening with this brilliancy to finish fourth overall.

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