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Earl Gray
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Monday, July 27, 2020

Poetry in Three Minutes

      This is a quick and dirty introduction to poetry basics.  A slightly more comprehensive approach is "What You Need To Know About Poetry".

      You may want to pause the video in places and review each one a few times.

      By clicking on the titles ("Definition", "Basic Scansion", "Sonics", "Performing") you can read the underlying articles for each topic.

       If you have questions please feel free to post them below.

Learning Poetry - 1. Definition

     The first three minute video establishes the one word definition for poetry, regardless of epoch, culture, language, theme, genre, or form.

Learning Poetry - 2. Basic Scansion


      Here, one is introduced to the elements of meter.

 Learning Poetry - 3. Sonics


      At the root of poetry is sound.

Learning Poetry - 4. Performing


      The whole point of this mode of speech is performance.


Learning Poetry - 5:  Free Verse

       Free verse (not to be confused with prose poetry or prose qua poetry) and its niche.

Learning Poetry - 6. Rhyme

     The repetition of sounds in related positions.


      We hope you enjoy this series and find it helpful.

Earl Gray, Esquirrel



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