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Earl Gray
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Keyboards. Yes, keyboards.

Poseidon Tt eSPORTS backlit blue switch mechanical
     We're all about the tools of craft here.  It's time to discuss keyboards.  If you don't type more than 50 words per minute and always stare at the screen while doing so any board will suffice.  However, if you are a professional and, especially, if you do transcriptions from print sources, you should consider the benefit of knowing when you've hit a key.  This used to be called "tactile response", a feature of "click" (versus the standard "chiclet") style keyboards.  Today they are called "mechanicals" and are available in three switch types:  blue, brown and black.  Blue switch means it has the sound and feel--resistance then falling--of clicking.  The brown switch is quieter.  Black has neither clicking feature but helps users avoid repeated characters by distinguishing the strokes.

     If using a Mac, consider the Das Keyboard Model S Professional (list price $133).  If a Windows user, consider the Poseidon Tt eSPORTS blue switch ($99);  it is backlit for those who type in the dark or who share their computer with a hunt-and-puncher.

     These are rare, making them the perfect gift for yourself or the writer "who has everything".  I have to warn you, though, that mechanicals will spoil you, and in very short order.  If forced to use someone else's machine you'll have to consciously avoid looking at them snobbishly and asking:

    "Chiclet style?  Dude.  Really."

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