Earl Gray

Earl Gray
"You can argue with me but, in the end, you'll have to face that fact that you're arguing with a squirrel." - Earl Gray

Monday, May 30, 2016


Earl the Squirrel's Rule #189
      Suppose you were given $200,000,000 and tasked with improving poetry's profile.  What would you do?

     Where would your focus be?  On writing?  Performing?  Education?  Edutainment?

     What sources of revenue would you design to sustain your efforts?

     How would you define success?


  1. I would establish an epic-writing studio and hire others who write well-crafted blank verse so we could work together to write an epic that depicts the entire history of the world through biographies of all the greatest people of history.

  2. First: run some poetry contests forbidding personal stories and slices of life, requiring three items per submission, one rhymed, one not, the last on the subject of treachery. When winners have been chosen, bundle selected poems with some typical of what appears widely. Then put online and promote heavily to get readers who will rate each poem on a simple scale of no,maybe, yes then tally results to see which get the highest ratings. Then publicize that to see if the poetry world will open itself to greater emphasis on variety and public preferences.


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