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Earl Gray
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Promoting Poetry 1a

George Blanda
     If you want to learn how to write poems you read those of a Derek Walcott or a Margaret A. Griffiths.  If you want to know how to perform one you look at a Lawrence Olivier or an Anthony Hopkins.  If you want to know how to market poetry--or anything else--you look at the greatest promoters in human history:  the National Football League.

     Begin by asking the simplest question:  What is the principle source of income for that enterprise?  For example:  How does the NFL make most of its money?

  1. From stadium ticket sales?

  2. From television revenues, including its own NFL Network?

  3. From trademarks, including the authorized sale of its logos on shirts, hats, etc.?

  4. Other.  Please specify.

    Hmm.  Maybe this question isn't so easy after all!

    Here is a hint:  George Blanda, 1972.

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